Demonstration of the Hello Event plugin

This site demonstrates the use of the HELLO EVENT plugin from Tekomatik.

You can switch between the three themes we have installed:

  • Twenty Seventeen . one of basic themes that is installed with WordPress
  • Storefront – basic theme that comes with Woocommerce
  • Sparkling from Colorlib – a free theme with support for Woocommerce

Please notice that these themes are unmodified, there are NO child-themes and NO special templates. The Hello Event plugin provides all its functions and displays through shortcodes and hooks and will therefore play perfectly well with any theme that complies with the basic rules without the need to create or modify any templates,

For the documentation of the plugin, please go here:

In addition to the events that have been created for the purpose of this demo, only one page has been added: the “Events” page. This page is used as the archive page for the events and contains shortcodes for displaying the events calendar, lists of earlier and upcoming events and a shortcode to show these in a tabbed view.

Content on the events page:

To show the calendar:


To show a list of events with minimal content:

Future events:
[hello-event-list show="minimal"]
Past events:
[hello-event-list select="past" show="minimal"]

To show a list of events with default content:

Future events:
Past events:
[hello-event-list select="past"]

To show a list of events with full content:

Future events:
[hello-event-list show="full"]
Past events:
[hello-event-list select="past" show="full"]

To show list of events in tabs for past and future events:

[hello-event-tabs show="full"]

Sidebar Widget area

In the sidebar widget area we have included a widget of type “Custom HTML”. The content is:

[hello-event-list show="widget"]