Hello event lover!

Welcome to this simple demo site for the Hello Event plugin.

Here we have created a few events – some with tickets already on sale, some not.

On the Events page we demonstrate some of the different ways events can be presented to visitors, all controlled by shortcodes provided by the plugin.

This site relies on default settings, which means that things are EXTREMELY SIMPLE to set up:

Just create your events and use one of the shortcodes provided to display the events wherever you want on your site. And there you have them neatly presented.

If you want to sell tickets, just check the mark in the event setup page, follow the link to the product page and fill in the price. Can it be simpler?

It may very well be that the default settings cover all your needs, but Hello Event provides lots of means to control how things are shown by using any combinations of all the shortcodes provided, and if you have very specific needs it is of course possible to create your own templates in combination with the shortcodes.

The HELLO EVENT plugin is available at wordpress.org.

Technical documentation.